Monday, October 02, 2006

Paul Young and Ronan Keating in Paraguay

If you’re anything like us you’re thinking, “Sure, via satellite!” However, on 21st of September they really were in Paraguay with other well known international singers to participate in a concert called “Music against Hunger” (Musica vs Hambre).

Organised by the First Lady of Paraguay in conjunction with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, the aim was to "raise awareness of poverty and hunger in Paraguay and money to finance sustainable projects designed to help small-scale farmers produce more food for their families and communities". It was totally ground breaking, being the first concert of its type in a developing country.

It was a spectacular event with over 70 Paraguayan musicians forming the orchestra and first rate artists from the UK, Ireland, Latin America, Israel and Italy. The Paraguayans (not renowned for their organisational skills!) excelled themselves and put on a concert that easily rivalled Live Aid. People were even given free Paraguayan flags and plastic fluorescent rods to wave around enthusiastically! We wait to see how the money is spent and the impact it makes on some of the 32% of Paraguayans who live below the poverty line.

I know Paul Young is not Bono and U2 but hey, you’ve got to start somewhere!