Sunday, November 21, 2010

Burger and chips please!

Part of Osvaldo and Maria Luisa's vision is to provide employment opportunities and training for young people in the isolated village of Quyquyho. For years it has been their dream to open a burger bar and provide a clean, pleasant environment for families to go out with their children and young people to meet. After a very generous donation this year, they were able to open for business in November! (Photos below)

The response has been overwhelming. The village council gave them permission to use a beautiful piece of land in the centre of the village next to the park and police station! Osvaldo said: "Many people are coming and are commenting that at last there is a place in Quyquyho where people can go out and there is wholesome environment for all the family. We have provided regular work for 2 young people in the village and in the summer we will employ 2 more. On Saturday 13th November we invited 22 children from 2 very poor, small schools on the outskirts of Quyquyho. These are children who would never normally get the opportunity to go out for a hamburger and they were thrilled. Our desire is to provide a service that will bless the community." Photos below.

And we can personally testify that the food is delicious!